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Wise Ones

"Reincarnated Sorceresses, High Priestesses, Sorcerers, Wizards, Shamans, and Witches."

Intense, Exotic, Eccentric. The Wise Ones glow from the inside. They look like romance-novel characters, usually with long, silky hair, oval face, and haunting eyes complete with a lifetime of shadows beneath them. Earth Angels from this realm possess profound wisdom and are highly intuitive. Their eyes are penetrating, and there’s’s no point in pretending or lying to Wise Ones, because truth is apparent to them. Eccentric and flamboyant, Wise Ones love to dress in flowing garments reminiscent of romance eras in the past. There’s a certain element of mystery accompanying each member of this realm. It’s obvious, when first meeting the gaze of Wise Ones, that they know .

The Wise Ones are humans with past lives in which they learned how to channel their power into miraculous healings and manifestations, including the ability to affect the weather and material objects. These are the extremely powerful and well-trained magicians of the human race who were called out of "retirement" from the spirit world in order to come back to Earth for the currently urgent situation on our planet.

Their energy is darker and heavier than the other Earth Angel realms. Wise Ones have a somber, serious, almost depressed energy, and they’re sometimes quite stern. In relationships, they are highly opinionated in a helpful way. They are the "stage moms" and directors of their friends and family members, always knowing the best route for others to take. If someone wants solid advice, they should ask a Wise One.

The Wise Ones have been humans for eons. Like the other Earth Angels, they feel "different." In fact, some Wise Ones proclaim, "I am different, and proud of it."

For that reason, the Wise Ones are more comfortable with Earth Life than those in other realms. They’re realistic, compassionate, and patient with people, and they have learned to enjoy their time here.

The History of the Wise Ones

The common denominator of Wise Ones is the number of years they’ve logged learning to harness their magical powers. Some developed their own interest in metaphysics, and others were handpicked as children and schooled in the psychic arts. The Wise Ones have lived as High-Priests and Priestesses in Atlantis, Ancient Greece, and Egypt, during Arthurian times, among the Mayans as Essen, and as native medicine men and women. They have witnessed civilizations destroyed, and people murdered for their spiritual beliefs. The Wise Ones know and appreciate the innate darkness within the human ego, but they have an even greater appreciation and respect for the heights to which humans are capable. And this what they’ve come back to teach.

One the other side, many Wise Ones were comfortably enjoying the afterlife plane. They’d created paradise-like communities in the spirit world, complete with castles, gardens, and waterfalls. Everything seemed wonderful. But then the Wise Ones were approached by a committee of guides that was trying to enlist retired "spiritual soldiers" back into service. They asked the Wise Ones to return to Earth to teach and model peacefulness, and to remind people how to use their inner power and strength to create harmony.

Some Wise Ones reluctantly agreed to return to Earth. Some Wise Ones did not take too graciously to Earth, others where depressed, and those who were best adjusted resumed the study of Earth-based spirituality such as astrology, Wicca, Kabbalistic magic, paganism, rituals, crystal healing, herbology, candle invocations, shamanism and so on.

Members of the Wise Ones realm have spent lifetimes developing their spiritual and magical gifts. They’re well practiced in the spiritual arts of manifestation, alchemy, and healing. They’re born as psychic children who may view their gifts as being curses, especially if they are prescient about a forthcoming "negative" situation. The children may blame themselves for not diverting a tragedy, since they foresaw it.

Some Wise Ones have vivid memories of past lives where they were witches, wizards, priests, and so on. The "Witch-Burning Craze" consisted of a mass superstition that anything bad-weathered spoiled crops or sick children-was caused by a witch’s spells. It was decided that the only way to purge this "evil" was through the burning of the witch’s blood.

Many Wise Ones hold back from unleashing their great power because of these ancient memories!

Wise Ones may dress eccentrically or romantically, reelecting their favorite past life period. Female Wise Ones prefer long, flowy gowns in dark colors, with chunky crystal necklaces. Males Wise Ones favor woven shirts in natural fabrics or Renaissance-style shirts. Males may wear spiritually significant pendant necklaces such as Celtic crosses or Ohm insignias. They often love to attend Renaissance Fairs in full costumes.

Wise Ones have dragons, wizards and goddesses as spirit guides. They are very interested in the study of ancient eras that may be regarded as mythical, such as Avalon, Atlantis and Lemuria. They collect wizard statues, and love books and movies dealing with magical themes, such as The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and anything related to Arthurian times. Many Wise Ones are also history buffs.

Wise Ones are also highly sensitive to moon phases–physically and emotionally affected by the full and new moon cycles. They often engage in full moon ceremonies and celebrate the equinoxes.

Patterns Among the Wise Ones

No clear-cut astrological pattern was apparent among the Wise Ones. They know their sun, moon rising, and ascendant astrological signs. Clearly the Wise Ones are knowledgeable about astrology and appreciative of its applications. They have had past or current history of heart and cardiovascular health conditions. Mitral valve prolapse, murmurs, and heart attacks were rampant among this realm. Could this be from heartache within the realm, for loving Earth and her people so much, and watching its potential destruction? Or, is it residual pain from the witch-hunts, where the Wise Ones blood was burned and their hearts impaled with stakes?

The Wise Ones in Relationships

Wise Ones long for a magical and mystical soulmate marriage. They may feel the elusive presence of a kindred soul whom they’ve known for many lifetimes. This leads to a search for the Beloved, and until he or she is found, the Wise One may choose to be romantically along. Or worse, the Wise One may try settling for an unfulfilling relationship.

In previous lives, wise Ones may have taken vows of chastity or celibacy. These unbroken vows can follow someone into a current life and wreak havoc.

Wise Ones do best in their love lives when they use their remarkable magical powers to manifest the love they seek. They do best when they have friends whom they respect and admire. Otherwise, the Wise One may have friends who are actually "clients." These "friendships" are one-sided, with the Wise One acting as teacher, and the friend acting as student. The Wise Ones never get a chance to discuss their own troubles because they’re cast in the strong, empowered role.

They are often accuse of being know-it-alls. This accusation actually has a kernel of truth to it, because Wise Ones are tapped into the all-knowing collective unconscious. They’re also highly psychic. Their children may accuse them of being controlling parents, because of this realm’s compulsion to teach. Wise Ones can’t not teach; however, they can temper their instruction so that it’s more palatable. Instead of lecturing, for example, they can create a teaching experience that’s entertaining and instructive.

As with their love lives, it’s important for Wise Ones to use conscious visualizations of happy, healthy relationships with friends and family. They can use that remarkable power to see themselves surrounded by strong and loving friends who help them.

Magical Wise Ones

If you’re a Wise One, you’re a highly trained magician, and if some part of your life isn’t working right now, take a proactive role in healing this area. If you passively wait for the Universe to direct you, you may find yourself spinning your wheels and going nowhere. That’s because Wise Ones such as yourself are co-creators, and the Universe prefers to await your wishes and to fulfill them as asked. But Wise Ones know from experience that not everything asked for leads to happiness. For this reason, it’s prudent to pray or ask for guidance to know what to ask for.

Wise Ones taken vows in your past lives as a spiritual aspirant or devotee. Among the most common are vows of suffering, self-sacrifice or retribution, poverty, charity, virginity, celibacy, obedience, and silence. Unless these vows are severed, they can follow you to Earth and place barriers in your love and sexual areas, finances and life in general. No one is truly free until these past-life vows are broken. The only healthy vows are those that you decide upon–the ones you make with yourself. Even then you’ll want to regularly review them to see if they’re still valid.

Life-Path Work for Wise Ones

As a Wise One, you’re a natural-born leader who’s respected because of your charisma, your air of confidence, the way that you carry yourself, and you personal power. People naturally respect and admire you, they’re even intimated by you. So they feel comfortable following your lead.

Due to your many lifetimes of spiritual learning and teaching, you’d probably enjoy a career as a spiritual teacher, astrologer, psychic, spiritual healer, channeler, or oracle card reader. Most Wise Ones don’t do well as employees or followers, unless you respect your boss or leader. You would make an excellent company president or entrepreneur, especially with your organizational skills combined with your intuitive knowledge of how to improve situations.

However, you, like most Wise Ones would feel frustrated working with unmotivated audiences or clients who won’t take your advice.


Author Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

Book Earth Angels

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