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The Rainbow Children


Rainbow Children  

The new generation of psychic children of today are called The Rainbow Children.  

 The Rainbow Children are the images of our divinity and the example of our potentioal.  The Rainbow Children have never lived on this planet before, and they're going straight to the Crystal Children who are now becoming adults as their moms and dads.  These children are entirely fearless of everybody.  They are like little avatars that are like little Ascended Masters who are still living.  The Rainbow Children don't care how you affect them so much, their only concern is to service, "how I may help you."  They are children who only want to give.  They don't need or want to receive.  The Rainbow Children are already at their spiritual peak when they are born.  They don't need to learn or be taught about their spiritual gifts.

The Spirit world is sending us the Rainbow Children right now to us, because of the love the spirit world has for us.  The want us to be happy and healthy.  They are bringing the rainbow energy indoors.  They are sending the Rainbow Children in.  Rainbow Children are the image of rainbow energies, they are like walking dolphins.  Dolphins have rainbow energies.  They are as close as you can get to touching an Angel.  Dolphins emit energy that is not only rainbow colors, but has grids under the water that you can actually see.  The spirit world, because we are not going outside enough they are now brining the rainbow energy to us, that is why they brought the dolphins energy to us.  You can call upon the dolphin energy no matter where you are.  You don't have to be with them physicially.



The Rainbow Children have no karma at all.  They don't have to choose dysfunctional families to balance their karma.  They don't have any history with us where they don't have to work out any forgiveness stuff towards us.  Rainbow Children are coming about because the full spectrum of light that we need to assimilate serotonin in our bodies has been reduced.  We were created to receive rainbow energy in our bodies.  The way we are as of now, we use all kinds of over the counter sunscreen on us and all the smog we have covering our planet, this doesn't allow us to receive the "rainbow" through the sun waves and that's the way we were created--the need of rainbow energy.  Because we don't get enough serotonin from the sun and don't get enough rainbow energy the spirit world is sending the rainbow energy to us.  The Rainbow Children emit rainbow energy, the kind that we are created with to instill within us health and balance.

As a team, we Earth Angels, Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow and whatever generations that God/Goddess has in store for us after that, are all here working together.  We're all here for peace and we can do it!

The Rainbow Children seem to be here to implement the Divine Will; they will use their strong will and energy to build the new world on the foundation of peace and harmony the Crystal Children are laying down.  And the Crystal Children are only able to lay down that foundaiton path becasue the Indigo Children have already forged the path and broken down all the old barriers.  There is a pattern that is emerging within the soul groups of children that are coming into this world, and as we watch them, we can get a very good idea of where our world is headed!

Characteristics of The Rainbow Children

  • They have never been on this planet before.
  • They are being born to the Crystal Children who are     becoming adults. 
  • They have no karma.
  • They don't have to choose dysfunctional families as their own family.
  • They are all about service.
  • They are totally trusting.
  • They seek out people who have open and closed hearts.

*Entirely fearless of everybody.

  • *Bringing in the healing ranbow or Reiki, Chakra, QiGong, Pranic healing and other hands on healing.
  • May have large eyes as their Crystal parents.
  • Have very strong wills and personalities.
  • Have very high energy.
  • Are very attuned to color and color vibrations around them.
  • Have passionate creativity.
  • Love bright clothing and colorful environments.
  • They bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life.
  • Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think or need.
  • Have healing abilities.
  • Have telepathy.

Doreen Viture, PH.D. - CD, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

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Assembled by Kat 11/26/2007