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The Golden/Gifted Child

Golden Children (Also referred to as ‘Gifted’ Children)

Based on Pioneers.

• The Golden Children will have the same characteristics as Rainbow Children

• Have a Golden Aura

• An early interest in surroundings

• Super-sensitivity to surroundings

Strong curiosity and powers of observation

• An extensive vocabulary

• An exceptional memory

• May talk early and fluently

• The ability to read early – often self-taught

• Can choose to concentrate for long periods

• The propensity to ask shrewd/unusual questions

• The ability to grasp ideas quickly

• A “quirky” sense of humour

• Less need for sleep

• A thirst for knowledge about the most unlikely subjects

• Insatiable curiosity

• A critical attitude, especially self-criticism

• Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him/her

• Will resist authority

• May become easily frustrated because of his/her big ideas and not having the resources or people to assist him/her in carrying these tasks to fruition

• Learns from an exploratory level and resists rote memory and just being a listener

• Cannot sit still unless absorbed in something of his/her own interest

• Very compassionate

• If they experience failure early, may give up and develop permanent learning blocks

Exhibit a high IQ, but they often exhibit “frozen” creativity as well

• Has avid interest in science or literature

• Has a wide range of interests

• Is resourceful – solving problems by ingenious methods

• Is creative in new ideas, seeing associations, pursuing innovations

• Is perceptually open to his or her environment

• Has the capacity to use knowledge and information other than to memorise

• Shows superior judgement in evaluating things

• Learns rapidly, easily and efficiently

• Uses a lot of commonsense

• Retains and uses information which has been heard or read

• Is persistent

• Has a high energy level

• Is independent

• Is friendly and outgoing

• Is fluent in producing and elaborating on ideas

• Is flexible in thinking patterns

• Senses when problems exist

• Acts spontaneously, intuitively

• Provides multiple solutions or responses to problems

• Is intellectually playful, interested in fantasy, imagination

• Always trying to adapt or improve things

• Doesn’t mind being different

• Is bored with memorisation and recitation

• Produces unexpected, sometimes “silly” responses

• Is considered, and perhaps resented, by some peers as “crazy”

• Can show unusual degrees of originality, concentration and persistent hard work on projects

• Can stimulate, organise and arouse others

• Recognises skills and abilities possessed by others

• Can articulate ideas clearly

• Can listen to others empathetically

• Exercises authority reliably and responsibly

• Demonstrates endurance, stamina and persistence in physical activities and is rhythmic

• Responds readily to rhythm, melody and harmony

• Uses music to express feeling or experience

• Enjoys dance and dramatic activities with musical elements

• Uses voice to reflect changes in mood

• Communicates feelings by means of facial expressions, gestures and bodily movements

• Demonstrates ability to dramatise feelings and experiences

• Uses art to express feelings and experiences


The Golden Children came from this website:   

Assembled by Kat 1/17/2010