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The Crystal Children


Crystal Children

The Crystal Children Generation began in the year 1995.  Previous to this older lightworkers (Crystal Children) were sent down to earth to check things out and report back their findings in their dreams.  Crystal Children are also known as "Crystals."

What is the first thing you notice when you look at a Crystal Child?  Their eyes, they have large, wide and piercing and when you look into their eyes you can see that the Crystals are wise beyond their years.  As if they are 10 years old going on 40.  Their eyes take a hold of you and you can feel them reading your soul.

Crystals are happy, delightful, and forgiving.  These new lightworkers are unlike the Indigo Children Generation.  They are ideal in many ways, they point to where humanity is headed.

Crystal Children have common characteristics with the Indigo Children.  They are both highly sensitive and psychic and have important life purposes.  The main difference is their temperament.  Indigo's have warrior spirit; since their collective purposes where to mash down old approaches that no longer serve us.  They are here to crush governmental, educational and legal systems that lack integrity.  To accomplish this end, they need not tempers and fiery determination.  The Crystals are blissful and even-tempered.  They may have tantrums occasionally, but these kids are largely forgiving and easy going.  The Crystals are the generation who benefit from the Indigos' trail blazing.  First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete, chopping down anything that lacks integrity.  Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path into a safe and more secure world.

Crystal Children have beautiful, multicolored opalescent aura, in pastel hues like quartz crystal's prism effect.  This generation also harbors a fascination for crystals and rocks.

Children of the Millennium Shift

The year was 1995 a time when many of us felt a gnawing restlessness in our bellies.  On the heels of the materialistic 80's we were watching for meaning and avenues to contribute to the world's well-being.  It was the beginning of a new spiritual renaissance, as we learned to look inward for answers and fulfillment.  Many individuals had undeniable spiritual experiences.

It's no wonder that the Crystal Children started to arrive at this time.  They knew that adults were finally ready for children's higher vibrations and their purer ways of living.  And there are some older Crystal Children that exists on earth.  It was them who reported back home with information during their dreams and signaled that 1995 was the year when the coast was clear for the new gerneration of Crystal Children to begin.

Misunderstood Gifts

It was the Indigo Children who paved the way for the Crystal Children.  Crystal Children's natural spiritual gifts are also misunderstood specifically their telepathic abilities which often cause them to start talking long after most toddlers begin to do so.  Many of the Crystals have delayed speech patterns and it's not uncommon for them to wait until they are 3 or 4 years old to start talking.  The parents have no trouble communicating with them.  The parents engage in mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children.  The Crystals use a combination of telepathy, selt-expression sign language and sounds.  This caused them to be labeled as "abnormal" speaking patters by the medical and education professionals.  Just as the Indigo's were thought to be ADA or ADHD, the Crystals are thought to be Autistic.  Crystals are the most connected communicative, caring and cuddly.  They are philosophical and spiritually gifted and they display an unprecedented level of kindness and sensitivity.

Telepathic Communication

Crystals are born psychic.  As babies, their heads and eyes turn as they clearly see angels and spirit guides.   The Crystal Children teach us to trust our intuitive thoughts and feelings.  They are clearly mind-readers  As the Crystals grow up their telepathy can either be used or not used. This depends on the parents, they can encourage them to keep using it or they will be afraid and tell the Crystal Child that its not real.

Telepathy is part of the Crystal Children's Divine arsenal to help rid the earth of deceit.  When someone is fully telepathic, no one can lie to them.  As the Crystal Children progress into adulthood, they'll know when someone is deceiving them.  Toghether the Crystals will coerce the people to live with integrity.

A High Degree of Sensitivity

Crystal Children rely on their intuition to distinguish the truth about people and situations instead of making assessments based on physical appearance or judgments.  Sometimes the sensitivity can be more like a curse to them, rather a blessing.  Sensitive people may inadvertently absorb negative energies and they can be adversely affected by them.

The Nature of Sensitivity

The generations prior to the Indigos and Crystals had the ability to pretend that everything was great even if it wasn't.  The new children especially the Crystals don't have the option of going into denial.  They feel others' emotions as if they were their own.

The Crystal Children are here as peace keepers and they tune in when someone isn't at peace. 

Sensitive Bodies

Not only are they sensitive emotionally, but they're also physically sensitive.  They can easily become overwhelmed by too much stimuli.  For example, loud noise, crowds, temperature, clutter and disorganization, chaotic environments and artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Confort from the Crystal Child

Not only do the Crystals heal physical bodies, they also mend people's hearts.  For example; Emotional healing, comfort, compassion and counseling.

Moon Energy

The Crystal Children have strong connections to the energy of the earth, nature, the moon and stars.  Perhaps their super-sensitivity makes them acutely aware of the powerful healing influences of the moon.

Connecting to Nature, Animals and Rocks

Crystals bond deeply with earth, nature and animals.  Crystals would rather be outdoors playing, than any where else.  They have a hypnotic effect upon animals.  Animals sense the innocence of the Crystals hearts.  Crystals like to spend their time outdoors with plants, animals, and fresh air.  Crystal Children feel that rocks deserve the attenion and affection for they are of God


Characteristics of Crystal Children

  1. Are usually born in the 1995 or later.
  2. Possess large eyes with an intense stare.
  3. Have magnetic personalities.
  4. Are highly affectionate.
  5. Start talking later in childhood.
  6. Are very musically oriented and may sing before talking.
  7. Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate.
  8. May be diagnose with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.
  9. Are even-tempered, sweet and loving.
  10. Are forgiving of others.
  11. Are highly sensitive and empathetic.
  12. Are very much connected to nature and animals.
  13. Exhibit healing abilities.
  14. Are quite interested in crystals and rocks, nature, plants and animals.
  15. Often discuss angels, spirit guides and past -life memories.
  16. Are extremely artistic and creative.
  17. Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to regular foods.
  18. May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance.
  19. Sensitive to World Energies.



Doreen Virtue, PH.D - Book Crystal Children

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