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Starpeople Angel


Starpeople come from physical and nonphysical galaxies and took on Earthly lives to spread kindness on an "as needed" basis. Their collective niceness helps to defuse the anger, stress and rage that could lead to nuclear war. If Earth is destroyed, the negative effects will tipple through many galaxies. The Starperson’s assignment, then, is to prevent nuclear war at any cost. The main avenue for this lofty goal is through the expression of kindness and common decency to others–a domino effect of sorts.

On any given day, Starpeople calmly smile as they perform unselfish deeds for those whom they meet. Those whom they help barely notice them, yet Starpeople don’t perform acts of service in order to gain accolades. Such deeds are an innate necessity to them as if some sort of inner programming compels them to act. They aren’t concerned that people rarely thank them.

Starpeople, are everywhere that kindness is needed. They are grocery store checkers, postal clerks, bank tellers, and customer service agents. With their wallflower looks and personalities, Starpeople prefer to stay "behind the scenes." Their mission doesn’t call for high visibility. Quite the contrary, they are "undercover do-gooders," who hope no one notices them.

This is the first Earthly life for many of them. And because this planet is so violent, emotionally and physically, they often feel overwhelmed and wish to return home. After all, Earth is one of the most turbulent planets in the Universe, and in fact, the universal power have us quarantined so that we won’t harm other planets. Earth is considered as volatile as a teenager on steroids wielding a loaded gun.

Socially awkward du to their inexperience with Earth life, Starpeople may feel rejected by others. They are teased as children and even in adulthood as well. These experiences make them especially homesick for a planet where they fit in and know the rules of social engagement. Starpeople often have distinctive physical characteristics that set them apart. Rarely average height, most male Starpeople are tall and thin, with the females being small in stature, with either thin or heavyset bodies. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, the Starpeople’s bodies like their lives are usually out of the norm in both bight or weight.

Starpeople’s faces can be long and thin, especially if they have tall, slender bodies. Starpeople who are petite have rounder faces. It appears that the planet-of-origin may influence their specific physical characteristics.

Across the board, Starpeople have unusually shaped and colored eyes. Its common for Starpeople to have crescent moon shaped eyes like an inverted U. Their eyes are often gray,

green, or black-brown, and seem to glow from within, as if they have bright lights behind them. Starpeople may also have rings of lighter color around their pupils.

Starpeople don’t like to call attention to themselves, they dress for comfort and practicality, instead of for fashion or show. Females were a minimum of makeup and don’t like to fuss with their hair.

They have paradoxical personalities. On the one hand, they’re eager to assist people without being asked. Yet, they also seem guarded and distant and may be perceived as "col." They are here to be helpful, without needing to get deeply involved in the process of feeling and emotions, which are foreign to them.

There is no astrological pattern. Many Starpeople wonder what their life purpose is and are relieved to find out that it involves being helpful on an ongoing and nonspecific basis in other words, to help in whatever way is necessary. There is no one specific "job" or "task" that they need to perform during their lifetimes as long as they’re dong their best to transform human frowns into smiles.

Connections with Home

Most Starpeople have interests in UFOs life on other planets, space travel, and Ets. They love the Star Trek TV series, works of science fiction and anything else that relates to these themes and topics. They completely relate to the movies K-Pax and Man Facing Southeast=t, tow films about Starpeople in human bodies who were diagnosed as delusional because they spoke the truth about their non=Earthly origins and were put into mental institutions.

As children Starpeople find that they have an intuitive understanding of spirituality. Many of them eschew traditional religion because it seems too restrictive compared to their understanding of the vastness of Spirit, Many of them recall being, or believe that they were, aboard a spacecraft in this lifetime. Several of the Starpeople even

know their planet of origin. Of course, this isn’t material normally discussed in polite company. Remember that these are very ordinary looking people who know that they aren’t from Earth. They’re everyone next-door neighbors, co-workers, and such.

Beings who live on other planets have much longer life expectancies than Earth beings. This is due to physiological differences in their bodies. In addition, they don’t undergo the stress, pollution, and toxic diets that create wear and tear on Earthly bodies.

Even though many Starpeople feel abandoned by their home planets as if they were dropped off here on Earth without any say in the matter, they still retain conceptions to home, it’s common for Starpeople to have Ets as their spirit guides. They also have etheric cords reaching to starship. And Starpeople frequently soul-travel to their home planets or starship during dream time or meditative sojourns.

Energy Work and Sensitivity

All of the Earth Angel realms report extreme sensitivity to energy from crowds, people, and places. Yet, the Starpeople realm is the most apt to study energy healing and make a career of it. In fact it’s amazing how many Starpeople make a living using their hands, whether through energy work, or via tactile occupations such as landscaping, construction, hair styling, manicuring massage and assembly-line work.

Reiki seems to be the number-one choice for energy healing work among Starpeople. This may be because Reiki energy originated from the Pleiades as a gift to Earth beings. It’s interesting that Reiki energy clairvoyantly looks like thin bands of rainbow strips, and this is also now the auras of Starpeople appear. They look like poles sticking vertically out of the Starperson’s body, like hairs standing on end.

Starpeople and Relationships

Starpeople may be born to non-Starpeople parents, These parents might not even be from any realm of the Earth Angels. As a result, the family is not able to relate to the Starperson child, and the boy or girl ends up feeling disconnected from the birth family. Indeed, most planets don’t have the birth and family systems of Earth life. Elsewhere, it’s common for beings to be birthed in laboratories, the "test tube baby." The emotional bonding that occurs in families here on Earth is alien to other planets as will. This is one reason why Starpeople may be perceived as friendly but distant. They’re helpful, yet there’s a certain degree off underlying coldness that’s evident if someone attempts to create a close bond. And no wonder, Starpeople are task oriented, not relationship oriented. They have a job to do, and they aren’t geared toward making relationships their to priority. Being with other Starpeople is a way of feeling accepted

When Starpeople do marry, they have very few children. They skip having children altogether. Starpeople often have C-section births. Perhaps that’s because on other planets, vaginal births are unheard of, since babies are "bred" in laboratories. In fact, many planets inhabitants are androgynous,, without clear gender distinctions.

Starpeople may have made a "contract" to not get married or have children while living an Earth life. They probably had no prior experiences with family and love relationships and didn’t even think to put marriage and children into their Earth life contract! Having family may interfere with the Starperson’s mission, and create karma that could keep them stuck in Earth’s reincarnation cycles.

Handling Earth Life

As mentioned earlier, Starpeople are extra sensitive to violence. All of the Earth Angel realms report an aversion toward violence and conflict. Of all the realms, Starpeople seem to be the most repulsed by fighting in any form. Starpeople see an eventual end to violence, if peace-loving men and women will take a stance in the form of prayers or guided action. In the meantime, Starpeople stay faithfully at their Earthly posts, being nice guys and gals in everyday situations.

Life-Path Work for Starpeople

Starpeople are multitaskers and may not settle on one particular career as their life’s mission. They may instead dabble with several careers consecutively or simultaneously. Starpeople make wonderful Reiki Masters, energy healers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. They also enjoy research, engineering, and support staff work. They have to believe in the goals of the company they work for or they will be miserable in their jobs. Starpeople are kind, hard-working and efficient, yet wrongly perceived as bing aloof or cold. They also prefer to be behind the scenes. Therefore, they are better off doing solo work.


Author Doreen Virtue, PH.D

Book Earth Angels

 Assembled by Kat 2006