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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are also know as Spirit Helpers, Guides and Helpers.  But they are commonly known as Guides.  They are with us from the time we are born until our last day here on Earth, and they help us cross over.  Both you and the Guide that you choose will sign that agreement to have him or her as your Guide when you return to Earth.  Your Guide helps you to stay on your path, both spiritual and your life's path that you signed before you came down here.  That life's path that you signed with God is  known as your "Blue Print" and is kept in the Akashic Records, where it is guarded by 2 Archangels.  When you ask for a past life reading, the Archangels look at you Blue Print and they decide what you should know of your past lives.  The rest is keep hidden in secret from you and who is given your reading.  There are times that you may stray form your paths, but they will help you to get back on your spiritual path and your life's path. 

You can have Helper Guides to help you.  They can be a loved one who has passed, a spouse, a friend, Uncle, Aunt, cousin, grandparent or a girlfriend or boyfriend that has been in your life.  But a lot of times they are not as trained as our Guide and you can get misinformed by them.  They want to help and they mean well, but just be careful cause like I said they are not as well trained or even trined as your Guide that you and he/she agreed on before being reborn on Earth.   Oh and yes your Guide can be either a male or female. 

Spirit Guides are trained extensively before they are able to become a Spirit Guide to help you in your life.  They will become your "best friend" and you agree on having one of them as your Guide and to  help you when you return to Earth.   They are the voice in your head (and not our ego) that tells us to take that left turn instead of going straight, to slow down in your car as you come up to a speed trap.  They are the gut feeling we get when something is going to happen.  They try their best to give you that right from wrong.

Spirit Guides are people from many previous lifetimes on the planet Earth, who have learned much wisdom before becoming a Guide.  We all have one Guide, but you can have more than one depending on what you need to further yourself in your spiritual path.  Do you need to be caught up on your spiritual path to where you are suppose to be at this time, in healing, in your psychic and medium abilities.  These extra Guides are on what is called a "mission" to help you to get where you need to be in your spiritual path, healing path and etc. 

Your Guides are here to help you in all of your needs, not only in piritual but in your mental and physical.  So when you hear that high pitched ringing in your ears that is your Guide talking to you.  When this happens relax and please don't concentrate  to heard, close your eyes and see what come to you mind.  Are there any images, any thought or names that come to you.  Your Guide is telling your something so pay attention.  Please don't do this when you are driving or using heave equipment.  We want to hear what you your experiences on this!


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