Talking To Heaven

Rules For Talking To Heaven


We are not here to bog you down with rules and regulations, we know they can be a pain.  We have these rules to keep our group and members safe from others who wnat to cause harm to others.  We will upon accepting your application understand that you have read and understood them. we wish your time with us to be a pleasant and happy experience.  We thank you in advance for your co-operation with abiding by these rules as it safeguards your time with us, other members privacy and the group itself. 

  • Any member found to be negative towards another will be deleted from the group.  No name calling or flaming another member will be tolerated.  Any member found to be doing this will be deletedd from our group. 
  • Anyone found or caught Spamming or using bad words in the group will automatically be deleted from the group.  

    Once you have been apporved from the group, you will receive a confirmation email, click on the link and you are to fill out the remaining of your profile so that you will be on the member list.  If you do not and it has lasped, you will be deleted from the group!

  • We ask that once you are approved and join the group, please introduce yourself to the group so that we may all get to know you and welcome you.

    Thank You and Blessings,
    The Management Team of Talking To Heaven




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