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Protections Prayer

Protection Prayer

   White Light of Protection 

This prayer has been used as a spiritual protection technique for around two centuries.  It is the best way to protect ourselves during any kind of psychic or spiritual endeavor.  It can be used for protection from the influence of anything or anyone negative.  It should be said before performing any kind of psychic or healing work.  A good side effect of saying this prayer daily, is that is aids in the raising of our vibrations, enabling us to develop our psychic skills.  Using this protection prayer each day will surround us in a pure white aura of Gods protective light.  We are surrounded totally in this light and protected from negative energies. 


To say this prayer:

Pray as you  normally would.  Then ask God to surround you in His white light of love and protection.  With your eyes either closed or open (whichever is your own personal preference) take deep slow breaths.  Making each breath out longer than the one before, this helps you to center and ground yourself.  See or feel your Crown Chakra opening.  Feel the energy from this white light entering your Crown and slowly filling your mind and body with its light and warmth.  Feel it flowing throughout your entire body, filling you.  Sense any dark spots in your Chakras and body, focus the white light on them, until they are totally cleared.  

When you are filled to bursting with this light and warmth, visualize your Solar Plexus Chakra (just above your tummy button), see, feel and sense the white light slowly coming out of this Chakra.  See it covering your entire body, encasing it like a protective bubble or egg shell.  This is positive light and it will not let anything negative through.  This is Gods light energy and it will protect you from anything or anyone who is negative, that you may encounter throughout your day. 


This prayer must be said before any psychic or healing work is carried out, this cannot be more strongly stressed, as you will be working with the energies from spirit, and; by not saying this prayer of protection, (or one very similar that you personally use for the same purpose) negative energy can come through instead of only positive energies.  It is a lovely prayer for protection and you will be filled with an inner peace, knowing that you are protected.  You can say this prayer at anytime, and doing this daily no matter what you are doing, you will reap the benefit of both inner peace and protection.


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