Talking To Heaven

Practice Reading Board for TTH

Practice Reader's Board for TTH's Members
Welcome to the Practice Reader's Board.  Anyone who is a member of this group is welcome to do a reading for anyone requesting a reading.  For this Practice Reader's Board you do not have to be in the group for a certain amount of time to request or receive a reading form someone who is willing to do a practice reading.
If you are a beginner or learning to do readings this is a good place to start practicing.  Please do not be afraid of making a mistake, this is part of  learning and growing in  your psychic/medium gifts.  For everyone who requests a reading on this board you must understand that member's who are kind enough to give you a reading are practicing and should understand that.
Members who are giving practice readings are not held responsible or liable for the readings they are giving.
The Managers of Talking To Heaven