Talking To Heaven

Physical Mediumship


Physical mediumship should only be practiced in properly controlled environments with the correct supervision and safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the medium.

Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone in spirit, known as a spirit operator, works or operates through the mental and physical energies of the medium.  In Physical mediumship the object is that everyone is able to see and or hear spirit.  Everyone can develop the ability to link with Spirit but not everyone can become a physical medium.

This form of mediumship requires

certain elements to be

present within the

physical organism of the medium.  There must be an abundance of etheric matter, which is found in the counterpart of the physical body.  It acts as a battery for the medium.  It energizes the physical body.  It also acts as a bridge of consciousness between the spiritual and physical bodies.  To a clairvoyant, this etheric vehicle appears as a thin, luminous band of light and energy surrounding the physical body by approximately 1 inch.  It tends to be a silvery-blue-gray color and varies in intensity and brilliance, depending on the general health and energy of the medium.  Illness and exhaustion tend to weaken this etheric vehicle.  A person who has an abundance of this vital energy matter has the potential of becoming a physical medium. 

The development of Physical mediumship is a lengthy process, sometimes with nothing happening for a long time.  It requires great commitment on the participants’ part.  Development revolves around one or two individuals in the group while others sit to help them.

It requires a tremendous amount of selfless time and effort into the development of this type of mediumship.

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