Talking To Heaven

Number Meaning

Number Meaning

By Doreen Viture, PH.D & Lynnette Brown

Book - Angel Numbers

When you see a number sequence (especially more than once in a short period of time).  For instance, when ever you look at the clock, you see the number 11:11,  and then you go to the stop to pick something up and your dollor amount comes to $11.11, as your driving along and you just happen to look at a house and you see the address number 1111.  The angels give us number sequence in so may ways, evern in your dreams.  This is one way our angels get messages across to us.

Interpreting the numbers

Four-digit numbers.  To interpret the meaning of four-digit numbers, breat the number sequence into three digits and read that interpretation.  Then add the last digit interpretation to know the meaning of the entire swquence.  for instance, to interpret 2048, begin wieth the first three digits: 204 and read its interpretation.

204 God and the nagels ask for your patience.  Stay filled with faith that your prayers have been heard and are answered.

8 Financial abundance is coming to you now.

Put the two interpretation together and you have the meaning of 2048:  God and the angels ask for your patience.  Stay filled with faith that your prayers have been heard and are answered. Financial abundance is coming to you now.

Summarizing these combined interpretations, then, 2048 means:  Heaven assures you that your money needs will be supplied.  Have patience.

Five-digit numbers.  You can intrepret five-digit numbers in a simmilar way.  Just take the first three numbers and get the meaning of it.  Then take the last numbers and read the message of that one.

Six-digit numbers.  Take the first three-digit numbers look up the meaning.  Then get the last three numbers and read the meaning of it and combine the meanings, then you summariz the menings and get what that six-digit number sequence meant.

Number sequences with personal meanings.

You may also notice number sequences that signify things of personal sigificance, such as birth dates, anniversaries, telephone numbers, and such.  In these cases the angels are givng you an even deeper message. 

the number 3 and the assended masters.  the number 3 refers to ascended masters, great spiritual teachers who once walked upin the earth, as well as various religions' deities.

The General Meaning of The Numbers

00 - The Creator is emphasizing this message to you and asks that you pay attention and follow the guidance without delay.

0 - Zero relates to prayer or meditation practice, and the all-encompassing God Source.  God is talking to you.

1 - This is a binary number; every number is divisible by one.  We are all one, thereby we're all associated by thought.  Watch your thoughts, and focus on your desires rather than your fears.

2 - Have faith and corage.  Your prayers are manifesting, even if they aren't visible yet.

3 - The ascended masters (such as Jesus) are near.  They've responded to your prayers and want to hlep you.

4 - Angels are with you.  Call upon them for help, guidance, and feelings of love and security.

5 - This number relates to change, transformation, transmutation, and alchemy.  Something in your life is changing or about to change, for the better.

6 - The number 6 relates to earthly materials, such as possessions, planetary issures, and concrete tangibles.  Be careful to balance thoughts or worries about the material with a focus and faith in the spiritual.

7 - You're on the right path.  Keep up the good work!

8 - Financial abundance is coming to you now.

9 - Your Divine life purpose involves the giving of service through your natural talents, passions, an interests.

10 - You're receiving Divine guidance from God through thoughts, ideas, insights, or what's called claircognizance (knowing facts without knowing how you received the information).