Talking To Heaven

If You Feel That You Fit Into More Than One Category


Some points to consider

  1. Energy: Tune into your overall "energy blueprint"

    The energy of a(n)

    Incarnated Angel is sweet and loving

    Incarnated Elemental is warm and playfil

   Starpeople is helpful and detached

   Wise Ones is serious, intense and regal


  2. Physical appearance

 Incarnated Angels are beautiful or cherubic faces wit large bodies.

Incarnated Elementals look like larger versions of fairies, elves, sprites,mermaids, leperchauns and etc.

Starpeople are tall and lanky, or short with thin or large bodies.

Wise Ones are long faces, with faraway expressions in their eyes.  they wear dark colored flowing shirts and dresses and often have long hair.


3. Unterests, what they are focused on

Incarnated Angels are healing and service work: keeping relationships peaceful and happy.

Incarnated Elementals are teaching, entertaining, the arts, and environmentalism.

Starpeople are energy healing, Reiki, being helpful as needed.

Wise Ones are Teaching and practicing mystical, psychic, and Earth-based spirituality.


A Note about Walk-Ins:  You’ll notice that the Walk-In realm is absent from the lists above. That’s because a Walk-In’s characteristics depend on the realm from which the person’s body comes from, as well as the person’s soul. Many Walk-Ins are "hybrids." For instances, you could have the body of an Incarnated Elemental (because the soul that walked out was one) and the soul of a Starperson. Since your soul inherited the brain and body of another realm, you would feel influences from, and exhibit characteristics of, both realms.

That means you fit into three categories; the Walk-In realm, the realm your body originated from, and the realm of your soul. You’ll want to pay attention to the information and guidance given for all three realms. It might mean that you feel extra censussed and disconnected periodically.


The Evolving Soul and the DabblerEvolving Soul or a Dabbler means that your either moving from one realm to the next, or are hopscotching through the realms for the sake of variety and growing.

The Evolving Soul: If you’re an Evolving Soul, you’re moving from one realm to the next, so you may not identify with one particular group. Perhaps you’ve spent many lifetimes in one realm and have learned everything you can from this experience, so you elect to enter a new realm. You don’t identify fully with the group you just left or the group you’re newly joining.

If this sounds like you, give yourself time to adjust to the new group, and don’t judge yourself harshly for feeling disconnected. Earth Angels in the Evolving Soul category and feel doubly alienated–not only do you feel separated from humans, but you feel different from the other Earth Angels as well! Know these are temporary feelings, and pray for spiritual assistance to know that you’re not alone, and that you are wanted and appreciated.


The Dabbler: Some souls desire variety, excitement, and a wealth, of experience. If you’re a Dabbler, like a kid in a candy store, you’re a you can’t decide what you want , so you select everything on the menu. The Dabblers are Earth Angels who move from realm to realm. You never quite settle into one particular realm family. Instead, you graze from the highlights that each realm has to offer. Simultaneously, you bring gifts to each realm from the lessons you’ve learned while in the other Earth Angel realms. Dabblers rapidly adapt to new situations and people, much like children who move a lot and fit in quickly.

If you’re an Evolving Soul or a Dabbler, you’re like a honeybee going from flower to flower, taking and bringing nourishment as you travel. You provide valuable services because you infuse the realms with fresh blood, new ideas, and awakened vitality.


Life-Path Work for Evolving Soul and DabblersEvolving Souls and Dabblers fall into two distinct groups: the independent Thinkers and the Adaptors. Independent Thinkers are take-charge individuals and radical nonconformists who take pride in bring outsiders. They believe that "normalcy" is tantamount to being sentenced to mediocrity. Independent Thinkers are champions of humanitarian and environmentalist causes–unless the causes are too popular, Independent Thinkers don’t like to be trendy, and they desire their won unique niche outside of the mass populace.

Independent Thinkers, not surprisingly, do best in self-emolument work geared around artistic or inventive pursuits. They don’t enjoy systems, rules, or guidelines from outside "authorities." Ideal careers for Independent Thinkers would be the fine arts, craft work, publishing, writing, or photography.

Dabblers love any career that offers them excitement and an opportunity to learn. They’re better at working with the public than the Independent Thinkers. Ideal careers would be travel, being a talent agent or scout, and any sales work involving a product or service that the Dabbler truly believes in.


Author Doreen virtue, PH.D.

Book: Earth Angels

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