Talking To Heaven

Mental Mediumship



How does a medium work?  If we accept that dying is not the end of our existence, just the end of the body that carried our consciousness; and that our soul survives and exists somewhere else, then ,it might be possible to make contact with that consciousness and all the emotions and memories that made that person what they were.

But where are they?  Not as far away as some would think!   The world of spirit exists all around us, but just out of reach.  It might be better to think of it as a dimension rather than a place.  Most believe that this world exists on a different vibration to our own.  It might also help to think of it as different frequency, much like a radio has different frequencies.  The medium has learned to attune to this different and higher frequency or vibration.  Likewise, those in the spirit world can tune into us, it is this joint effort that enables communication.

When a medium sits with a client, the medium is in a highly receptive state.  Our spirit family and friends can see and hear us, they may even have accompanied you to the meeting!   But, it is the mediums ability to slow down and alter their perception, raising their awareness to a subtle energy that allows them to perceive the messages from spirit.  


This contact is conducted through thought, these thoughts are then transmitted by the communicating spirit person to the medium.  Although mediums mainly give the messages they are given, it is possible for the medium to ask questions and receive an answer.   After all this is a live communication!   It is also important to realize spirit people have a choice of communicating with us, a medium cannot in any way force the spirit person to make themselves known.

This initial contact is often referred to as `making a link`.  The medium has made a request, by thought, for a communicator to come forward.   Just how successful the communication is depends on the experience of the medium, although other factors come into the picture.  Once a link is established, the spirit person will often want to prove their identity.  The spirit communicator will transmit thoughts about themselves to the medium, the medium will be able to interpret these thoughts and describe the person back to the client.

To be able to interpret any information a medium has to learn how to attune to the spirit world.  While some mediums have grown up with the ability others have to train their minds to accept information in this way.  This is often done by means of meditation, a process of calming the body and allowing the mind to become receptive.  This can, to some extent be taught to anybody, but not all who try will become mediums.


How can a medium do a reading over the phone, by letter or email?

Mediums work with their spirit guide (see page on spirit guides) who play an important role in the communication process.  But each and every one of us has our own spirit guide, they protect and help us.  Part of this protection is to ensure that the information given to a medium is something you yourself would be willing to divulge.  It may be a deep problem, that you might not normally share with a stranger, but ultimately would like to discuss and solve.  But I have never received information that I was not supposed to know, so they must be doing their job!


For a reading to take place over what we consider a great distance, say someone in America writing to someone in England, there must be a link in spirit.  When I receive a letter my spirit guide is as aware of it's contents as I am.  My guide then makes contact with your guide and the two converse.  This begins a series of thoughts that stretch out into spirit, these thoughts are recognized by those we know and hopefully they can make contact with my guide who will help them to communicate with me or any other medium.  So when we say the power of thought is powerful, it really is!

In the spirit world, all spirit people are connected, telepathically for want of a better word or description.  It is a wonderful way of communicating and helps to explain how we are able to make the links we do.  Individual personalities still exist in spirit, but it is this deep understanding and linking that bonds them together. 


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