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Is the founder of Talking To Heaven.  Mario started  This group on the MSN groups on September 12, 2005. 


 Kat (LilKat10a)


A little about me.  When I was little my family and I lived in a three family house that my grandmother owned.  When we first moved in my sister and I were always waken by our bedroom light being turned on and our dog growling as she sat up against our bed looking out into the hallway.  I always saw and heard spirits since I was lititle and never thought anything of it.  I would see those in my family that have passed and heard them call me and wake me out of a sound sleep.  I would hear noises from all over inside my house.  I would also feel them tug on me when I was playing in our hallway on the second floor by myslef.  It really wasn't untill about 5-6 years ago that my cousin opened  my eyes to the way he was and our family and made me realize that I also had the gifts.  He coached me and had me learn and read books and tought me what he knew.  Today, I still see and hear spirits and feel their presence.  I also see Angels.  I have 12 guides including my main guide Xavire and I have 6 guardian angels, one that helps me with my Reiki Healing and one that helps me with my readings and they are always around me.  I do angle readings andI am slowing getting into where I can feel what happened to someone that has passed.

I come from a very psychic family.  I have 2 cousins with gifts, I have an Aunt who has the ability to see and I have 3 nieces who are just starting to come into their own abilities to see and hear spirts and they are 18, 24 and 29.



I was born at Dallas,Texas in 1953. I also lived in southwest Oklahoma. At 5 years of age,I moved in with my maternal grandmother and grandfather. She was where my maternal American Indian blood comes from,we called her Big Mama. She was a descendant of Original Enrollees and Old Settler Cherokees in Arkansas.She had the gifts of prophetic dreams and psychic ability. My family grew up hearing her warnings that came to her in dreams and thought everyone's grandma was the same.

I married Ron when I was 16 and he was 19 .In 1991 I took GED classes to get my high school diploma.Then I went to a Community College and received my Associate in Arts degree.I had never worked with clay before so it was a suprise when I discovered that I loved building sculptures.My professor encouraged me to enter Art Shows and not long after that I won a 1st place award at the Cherokee Nation history art show in Tahlequah,Oklahoma.So far I've won awards for sculptures,pottery and beadwork.

Ron and our daughter both have the gifts, I always supported them in it. All of my years growing up I never thought anything about things I saw or heard. Then when my Big Mama passed away, her gifts came on me like a huge wave. That was in December 1999. Since then I have been doing readings.My favorite readings to do are hauntings, family that has crossed over,spirit guides,past lives and missing people.I'm so happy to be here at Talking To Heaven.

Peace & Blessings




Paranormal Investigations and Research in 1991.  I have been a professional investigator and filmmaker over 20 years with experience in criminal, background, fugitive and paranormal investigations.  I have conducted investigations throughout the United States and have been featured eleven times on national television as a special investigator.  I have served as a consultant for historical organizations, bail bonding companies and other professional companies including scientific research and private individuals such as filmmakers and authors.  I have written numerous articles on paranormal phenomena, criminal investigations and psychic arts.  I am a research specialist in multiple fields of paranormal phenomena and serves as the Director and Senior Lead Investigator of Flickering Lights Paranormal Investigations and Research.  I am a recognized psychic/medium who has been featured in more than 30 live events and numerous investigations.  I have produced several documentaries on various topics including paranormal activity.  I have been involved in over 100 film and television projects and more than 250 live events including professional wrestling, comedy and music shows.   My lastest film project is the award-winning paranormal documentary, "Spirit World of the Shoals".

 i had my first exposure to the paranormal when I was four years old and a spirit saved me while being lost in the woods.  I started communicating with the spirits and learned how to communicate with my spirit guides at a very young age.  I started having premonitions of future events around the age of eight.  In search for answers about the paranormal, I created Flickering Lights



 Hello and welcome to Talking To Heaven.
My name is Day (aka acoya) and I am Clairaudio. I channel Angels and have been doing this since a profound awakening several years ago.   An Angel stopped my car from hitting a cement wall while I was driving 70 mph.  Then 4 Archangels introduced themselves to me. I have been on a spiritual search ever since.
I am a Light Worker who believes there is a spiritual answer to every problem. I have seen this in my own life.
Being a survivor of physical (domestic violence) and prescription drug abuse I have seen many sides to this life. Being Empathic I have a connection to every living thing in this world and want only to help others on their path.

Talking To Heaven is my home. I actually spent a year and a half just watching the posts and replies before I introduced myself. This is the home of many wonderful like minded people. An interesting, thought provoking and loving place to hang out...


Simon aka Paul



Hi, I’m Paul. I’m 71 and live in East Central Missouri. I’ve been retired for the past 7 years, and for the greater part of my working life I was a behavioral therapist for the State of Missouri, working to therapeutically rehabilitate male juvenile delinquents between the ages of 12 to 21. Fascinating work to be sure. Since my retirement I’ve turned to volunteer work to take up my time and energy, which also gives me the opportunity to still work for the benefit of others. This includes working with our local Head Start facility with children between the ages of 0 to 5 years old, absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve also been a Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor for the for the past 26 years, head up the Red Cross Disaster Alert Team for my county for the past 7 years, and work with the elderly in my community. I firmly believe we are here for others, and our purpose is to learn to be co-creators with God. In this endeavor we create our own reality by the use of our God given creative abilities of thought, feelings, words and actions. Contrary to the dictates of Organized Religion, I believe that when we pass from this present incarnation, it is not our Father-Mother God who judges our success in this life experience, but we judge ourselves with the simple question. . . . “How many have you served, and how well?"

I’ve been a semi-professional musician and singer most of my adult life, performing on weekends, however lately have had to cut down on that due to physical disabilities incurred by age and past injuries. The values I try to live by are integrity, loyalty, honesty and treating others the way I expect to be treated. I absolutely love children, people in general, and have never met a stranger. Have a very sharp sense of humor, although sometimes a little dry and sarcastic. The only psychic gifts I’m aware of possessing is that of being empathic, a gift that served me well in my career roll as a therapist.

I’ve spent 40+ years in the serious study of Parapsychology, Metaphysics, Comparative Religion, as well as doing some psychic research. I’m a dedicated student of spirituality and things of a spiritual nature, and have taught these truths to others in the past. I’m a Reiki Master in the art of spiritual healing, and gain a great deal of satisfaction in helping folks in that way.

All in all, I believe I have a good handle on just who and what I am, am very comfortable with myself, and I find that most people that know me seem to like me. So, that’s me, Paul.




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