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Incarnated Elemental

Incarnated Elemental

Incarnated Elementals physically look like their namesakes-that is, fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, mermaids, dolphins, incarnated animals and unicorns. This group has fairies as their protective spirits.

Members of this g group have reddish hair, whether it’s full on read, auburn or strawberry blond, and a Celtic heritage or appearance, suck as a ruddy complexion or freckles.

Angel or Elemental?

You probably saw yourself in the Incarnated Angels, but you identify strongly with Incarnated Elemental. If your confused about if you’re an Incarnated Angel or Incarnated Elemental, here are four questions you can ask yourself to help your distinguish between them.

1. How do I feel about rules? If you are an Incarnated Angel, you usually obey rules and get angry at people who break them. However, if you’re an Incarnated Elemental, then you can’t stand rules and think that people who abide by them are wimps.

2. Is t here mischief in my eyes? Elementals are fun-loving beings, often practical jokers, and are always looking for a laugh. If you wonder whether you’re an Angel or an Elemental, ask a close friend if you have "here comes trouble" eyes. This is a characteristic unique to Elementals.

3. What type of wings do I have? Angels have feathered wings, while many Elementals have butterfly or dragonfly wings. The only exceptions are Incarnated Merangels, who are half-angels and half-mermaids; and also incarnated unicorns, who sometimes have feathered, birdlike wings. These wings are etheric, not physical.

To determine your wing type, either consult a clairvoyant, or go within and feel for yourself. Focus upon your shoulder blades and feel or see (in your mind’s eye) whether the wings are large, eagle like appendages, or more like buzzing and beautiful butterfly or dragonfly wings

Also, note your body type; Incarnated Elementals have slim bodies (with the exception of voluptuous Mer-Angels), fast metabolisms, and sensitive nervous systems; while Incarnated Angels have voluptuous bodies, slow metabolisms, and mellow personalities.

4. What is my relationship to addictions? Most Incarnated Angels are co-dependents while Elementals are the addicts. Elementals love to party. Angels love to rescue! The exception is that many incarnated Angels are addicted to fool.

Other Distinguishing Characteristics

Incarnated Elementals are sometimes unsure if they are from the realm of the Wise Ones. That’s because Elementals have ancients histories and relationships with wizards, witches, and sorceresses. So the Wise Ones, feel very familiar to Incarnated Elementals. After all, the Elementals were there when the witches were burned, so they may have residual pain from that ear, even though they themselves weren’t killed. They may have memories of the burnings and confuse them with their own recollections. The primary difference is that Elementals are much more playful that Wise Ones, who tend to be extremely serious, or even somber or stern.

In fact, Incarnated Elementals sometimes get themselves into trouble with their wacky sense of humor. Their jokes may be ill timed, offensive, off color, or just plain inappropriate. But one of the Incarnated Elementals’ missions is to get the world to lighten up, smile, and laugh–even at their own expense.

In the spiritual Elemental kingdom, the fairies, elves, and others hold nightly parities filled with dancing, singing, storytelling, and laughter. They know the spiritual value of playfulness and joy! Not surprisingly their human counterparts also know how to enjoy themselves. Incarnated Elementals often become professional entertainers.

Author  Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

Book: Earth Angel


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