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Hauntings, Spirits & Ghosts

Different Types of Hauntings

Residual Haunting

The most common haunting is when a haunting happens repeatedly the same way time after time.  The spirit is not there, for they have crossed over.  There is no spirit or ghost involved in this haunting.  This is an imprint that was left in the house/environment where the haunting is taking place.  This haunting may have been a tramatic, untimely or violent experience to those who have passed and there for the energy gets imprinted into the environment.  With this residual haunting that you witness the energy can not see or interact with you.  This haunting can be repeated every day, weekly, monthly or yearly.  There is no need to be alarmed or scared, it will not harm or  hurt you.  If you keep seeing the same haunting over and over and hear noise of the same, then that is a Residual Haunting.  It's like watching a repeated segment on a tape that your keep rewinding to to watch it over and over again.

Intelligent Haunting

An Intelligent Haunting is rare.  It is a ghost also known as an "earthboutnd spirit" that can see, hear and talk to you.  They will use energy of electric appliances or electrons that run on batteries to manifest themselves.  Earthbound spirits will play with the electrical appliances, just to get your energy going and they will take your energy to manifest themselves.  The ghost has some unfinished business to do before they can cross over into the light.  This ghost either has died unexpectically and was not ready and does not realize that he/she is dead, or is emotionally tied to a loved one and needs to give him/her a message and will not leave until this is done.  These ghosts will open and close doors, windows, drawers and cabinets, make the water run in your sink or tub/shower and interact with you directly for they are what is called and Intelligent haunting.

An earthbound spirit can hang around and not cross over into the light due to that they do not want to leave their possessions (car, jewelry, homes, furniture and so on).  Earthbound spirits who are children, who do not cross over into the light are afrain that they will get into trouble, cause they did not listen to their parent and will stay on earth because of this.  Or if they have passed along with thier parent(s) and do not cross over in time they think they will get into trouble cause they did not cross over with them at the sam time.

Demonic Haunting

This haunting is frightening and harmful.  This deals with an entity and is similar to an intelligent haunting for they can interact with you.  They will cause you harm and hurt you.  They will make you and your family fight with one another.  These entities live off of your fear and anger.

This can also involve spirits who are angry and hostile.  The emotional spirit may be suffering from psychological instability or some type of distress steming from an unresolved conflict with someone who is still alive. 

What can also bring this about is misuse of the Ouiga Board.  Where demons, evil entities can enter and cause you harm and fear.

Questions to ask yourself if you are being haunted

Do you hear noises out of the blue and can't figure where they are coming from?

Do you see something out of the corner of your eye and go to look and its not there?

Do you all of a sudden smell something you can't explain and can not find out where it is coming from?

When you are in a room and all of a sudden the air seems to get heavy and think with no explanation why it is happening?

Do you feel somone touching you and there is no one near or around you to account for?

Do you hear voices that you can't account for when there is no one around you?

Are things being moved or dissappear on you and no one is doing taking them?

Do you see someone and they disappear or fade away quickly?

Do feel a room go cold or walk into a room that is cold and there is no explanaiton for it to be cold?

Do you get cold or chills all of a sudden when there is reason for it to happen?

Are lights, tv's, radio's flickering on and off or being turned on and off by themselves?

Do you find doors, windows, drawers, and cabinet doors being opened and/or closed when you walk into a room or in front of you?


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