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Color of Stones & Birth Stones

Color of Stones

White - Purifies physical, emotional, mental or etheric bodies.

Pink - Love, self-respect and self-worth, calming, de-stress, relaxs the physical body and mind.

Red - Energy, courage, strength the body and will power.

Orange - Cheerfulness, frees one from too many responsibilities, related to personal power, helps with self-esteem that expands your awareness of self-work

Yellow - Mental awareness, regulates nerverous system, nerves, communication, helps with digestion, skin problems.

Green - Healing, abundance, balance self-control.

Turquoise - Flashes of intuition, encounters from the past.

Sky Blue - Increases spiritual awareness.

Dark Blue, Indigo - Protection, strength, occult work, calms

Violet, Purple - Transformation, elevates the soul.

Gold - Wisdom, self-confidence, strengthens the heart.

Brown - Practicality, stabilizes.

Black - Abstract thought, protective, material world.


Birthstones By Month

January - Garnet, Rose Quartz

February - Amethyst, Onyx

March - Aquamarine, Bloodstone

April - Diamond, Quartz Crystal, White Sapphire

May - Emerald, Chrysoprase

June - Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl

July -Ruby, Carnelian

August - Peridot, Sardonyx

September - Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

October - Opal, Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire

November - Topaz, Citrine

December - Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, Turquoise


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