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Cleansing Crystals & Gemstones

Cleansing Crystals & Gemstones

Cleansing your crystal/gemstones is very important to do.  By doing this you are getting rid of the darkness, evil, and negative energies that have been absorbed by the crystals/gemstones.  This happens when someone touches your crystals/gemstones or even by someone sending the negative energies to you and your crystals or by you absorbing the negative energies.  You want the crystals/gemstones to have only your energies.

It is good to cleanse your crystals/gemstones every couple of months to get rid of the negativity that has been absorbed by the crystals/gemstone.  It is also a good idea to cleanse your crystals as soon as possible, after when someone has touched them.

Be careful on how you cleanse your crystals.gemstones,, for some of them may be affected on the cleansing method.  You need to know your crystals/gemstones that you have.  Some can crack or fade the color.

There are several methods of cleansing your crystals/gemstones which I will  tell you how.

Any of these methods are good to use.  The preference is up to you.


I like to use sage, you can also use white sage, sandalwood, cedar wood or sweet grass.  Light you incense or smudge, then hold your crystals/gemstones over the smoke for a few minutes.  This is the faster way of cleansing your crystal/gemstones.


You can cleanse your crystal.gemstones by the natural sunlight.

1)  Take your crystals/gemstones and lay them out in the sun for about 4 hous.  Make sure that there are no clouds in the forcase.  You want pure sunlight for 4 hours straight.

You can also put your crystals/gemstones in a window that has the sun coming through it all day.  This is if you can't get outside due to that you live in an apartment or someone might take your belongings. 


This is anther way to cleanse your crystals/gemstones.  Place them in the light of the Full Moon all night.  You can also leave them in your window that gets the Full Moon all night.  You will need to remove the crystals/gemstones before the sun rises.

Sea Salt

Use natureal sea salt.  You can buy this just about any where, the grocery store, health food stores or even wal-mart.

Use a glass or wooden bowl.  Pour the sea salt in the bottom of the bowl so that it is covering the bottom.  Place your crystals.gemstones in the bowl, make sure they are not piled on top of each other.  Then pour the sea salt over the crystals/gemstones until they are covered.  Place the bowl in a dark quiet place for about 3 to 4 hours.  When the time is up take your crystals/gemstones out and wipe them with a clean soft cloth to remove the sea salt.  Remember to discard the sea salt after, for you do not what to reuse it, for it has the negative energies in it.

Salt Water

For this you do not want to use the crystals/gemstones for example opal, lapis, coral, pearl or any cyrstal or gemstone that are softm delicate or porous.

Use a glass or wodden bowl.  Use warm purified or spring water (no tap water unless you have a filter on it).  Let the sea salt dissolve in the water.  Place the crystals in the bowl, you want to make sure that the salt water is covering the to of the cyrstals/gemstones.  Let them soak in the salt water for about 3 to 4 hours.  Take them out and rinse them off with cool water and then wipe then off with a soft clean cloth.

Running Water

You can do this if you have a stream or river in your back yard.  Place the crystals in a mesh bag or cheese cloth.  Tie it up and place it in the water for about 3 to 4 hours.  Take them out and dry them off.

Ths cleanses and re-energized you crystals/gemstones.


This is another way to bury your crystal/gemstones in the ground.  You can either place them in a clean cloth or not.  Bury them in a place that no animals or people walk.  Dig a hole and place your crystals/gemstones in the hole and cover them back up with the dirt.  Leave them buried for 24 hours.  When the time is up dig them up and wipe them clean.

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