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Balance Partners


Balance Partners 

Balance Partners are the people you meet as you move through your spiritual journey.

As the program of our reality moves towards balance and closure - many will evaluate all aspects of their lives - physical, emotional, and spiritual.  New connections will be forged that will be permanent.

As most souls will not meet their Twin Flame in 3D - just soul mates from other experiences and lovers - the Balance Partner is as important as the lover.

Balance Partners usually are another aspect of your soul experiencing in 3D at the same time but in another space.

When you meet your Balance Partner - it seems to happen by accident.  This is because the souls guide the meeting not the 3D aspect of who you are.  The recognition should be there by both partners - the connection forming quickly.

You 'attract' each other as you are on the same frequency and have things to share.  The synchronicities that develop between you stagger the mind and hence raise the frequencies of both people.

Balance Partners can be of the same or opposite sex - as this is not about sexuality but spirituality.

Balance Partners are not necessarily in your life for romance - as they are there for both of you to balance that which your soul is here to do at this time.  This can lead to romance as that is one level of balance - but that does not have to be the reason your souls chose to meet.  If the relationship is in balance it will grow - or else it can have a bad ending for those who confuse their Twin Flame with a Balance Partner - and get too caught up in the emotional body forgetting the spiritual reasons for this union.

Spiritually you enhance each other's growth.  It is an exciting time as you 'trigger' each others' awareness.

You have half of the information needed - and your Balance Partner has the other half.

The Balance Partner can make your world exciting as each day something new seems to surface.  You feel you are with the right person at the right time.

The Balance Partner can make you feel complete on many levels.  If you are able - you can experience a connection between your chakras - often bringing balance to each other's chakra (emotional) systems.  This triggers your DNA so that you remember more about who your are as a spirit than as a 3D expression.

A Balance Partner can live near you or far away.  You may never physically meet.  You can talk on the phone or email with each other.  Your conversations may increase from infrequent to several times in a day as you are both growing in ways that you cannot with anyone else.  Events become exciting.

Your ability to experience and communicate goes beyond 3D - often knowing what the other person is doing and involved with - as if the telepathic 'line' of communication between you is always functioning - or can be easily accessed.

In some cases Balance Partners have overlapping dreams in which they each remember the same experiences.

Balance Partners are often vehicles that lead one or both partners to other people to enhance their growth.  This can create a 'spider-web effect' as we are all linked.  Don't allow petty jealousy to stand in the way of this growth if you have fallen in love with your Balance Partner and have problems sharing.  You will lose your Balance and your Partner - the 3D 'games of emotions' winning out.

If your Balance Partner is emotionally unstable - you may not be able to balance them - and may have to move on as trying to balance that person creates imbalance for you in areas that were once balanced.  Balance Partners come in for growth and fun not create greater imbalance in your life.

You can meet more than one Balance Partner in your lifetime - and generally do.

Balance Partners can remain in your life forever or move on once the two of you have moved past that which brought you together in the first place.

Please remember that the function of the Balance Partner is to create balance and understanding for both of you.  Make it fun and uncomplicated or it will end and you will miss whatever opportunity for growth your souls have created.


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