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Astral Projection

(or called Astral Travel)

Astral Projection is when your spirit or consciousness leaves your phyical body for a short time.  Which some people call "An Out of Body Experience."

When this happens it may feel like it is actually happening, like in real life everyday situation.  Your senses are more sharper and your vision is more vivid.

The person finds themselves in the real world(s) and all is normal.  The environment in your travel may be populated or not, may be normal in appearence or not.

In Astral Progection the normal physical laws may not apply.  For example you may float or fly or walk through walls and other things.  When we travel from one realm to another, we may also visit the past or future and other dimensions.

When we Astral Travel we can often see ourselves still attached to our physical bodies by what may look like a silver cord that may remind us of umbilical cord.  This cord shows us that we are safe and we can still return to our physical bodies.

It is different from a "near death experience" when the person suddely become surprised and alarmed at being out of the body.  In Astral Projection you are in total control all the time and can choose when to come back to your physical body or when to leave.

Most of Astral Projection takes place when we are sleeping or meditating due to that our minds and bodies are relaxed

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