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For those in the TTH family that know me, I have shared with you in the past that often I have nightmares prior to tragic events and natural disasters. I have been plagued with nightmares for as long as I can remember, but I have repeated nightmares that makes sleep nearly impossible prior to major events. I guess they can be called 'prophetic dreams," but they are nightmares to me. The connection between the event and my dreams will be a common thread between the two. Over the past three weeks, I have dreamed of land sliding and trying to escape to higher ground. In the past, these type of actions were associated with earthquakes, but these seemed different somehow although I couldn't explain how. Then the tragic flooding in Colorado started. In one news clip, I saw a small white store that felt familiar. It was then that I saw a clip with the side of a mountain sliding down. I didn't see the water in my nightmare, which I did prior to Katrina, but the events in my nightmares and those in Colorado are just too close for coincidence.  I posted a comment on Facebook about the nightmares, but I don't share too much in that medium for several reasons.

The reason that I am sharing it here is because I wanted to share what my process and experiences are. Another reason is because this is where I have shared these things in the past. Hopefully, the nightmares will soon pass and I will be allowed to get some uninterrupted sleep. Godspeed, TTH family. TJ

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Hi TJ,  coincidentally  came across this vid. again today  -contained in a forum thread ["Predictions"]  - consequently it occurred  that we've been relatively  "light on" for major natural disasters of late:  AND tonight I am sent your post.. [ can't say there's much that's "merely coincidental" in my life!]   ... bracing myself for what's to come! 

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