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What Do Angels Look Like

What Do Angels Look Like?

Angels are translucent and semi-opaque. They have no skin color, or no coloring for their hair, body, or eyes. They glow in different colors, according to their energies. Their clothing looks like opalescent chiffon coverings.

Angels have large swanlike wings. The Angels taught me that the artists who originally painted them mistook their glowing aura for halos and wings, and so portrayed them in this way. Now we expect angels to look like those paintings, so angels often appear to us as winged beings.

Angels come in all different shapes and sizes, just like people. The archangels, not surprisingly, are the tallest and largest of the angels. The cherubs look like small babies with wings. Guardian angels appear three to four feet tall.

Angels are on a higher-frequency wave-lengths than we are. It’s similar to television or radio stations being on parallel yet different bandwidths, the angels live next to us on an energy level that we can feel, and that many of us can see and hear. Whether you can sense you angel's presence right now or not, you can definitely connect with them and immediately receive their assistance.


Here is a link to see your angel of the day and what message they have for you.

Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue, PH.D. 

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