Talking To Heaven

Our Psychic Children

Our Psychic Children 

Like All of us who travel to a strange place from a home we love, children are naturally more connected to Home than to earth when they arrive.  They've just made a trip from one dimension to another, after all, so it makes all the sense in the world that they're still tuned to the higher frequency of the Other Side. Of course they can see and hear residents of the spirit world.  They were residents of it themselves not long ago.In fact, like all of us, they're far more accustomed to living There than here.  No matter how many times we've reincarnated, or how long each of those incarnations lasted,our total number of years on earth are the blink of an eye compared to our eternity at Home.  In computer terms, the world of the Other Side is our default.Our lives on earth are abnormalities.........

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