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Book List



Book List 

Books to help you on your learning path

compiled by group members. 


The books that are listed below will enable you to grow, and further your  knowledge on your  Psychic journey.  They are very helpful in understanding and learning about your Psychic.

"One Last Time" by John Edward                                            

"Crossing  Over" by John Edward 

"Talking to Heaven" by James  Van Praagh 

"When Ghosts Speak" by James Van Praagh 

"Ghosts Among Us" by James Van Praagh 

"When Ghosts Speak" by Mary Ann Winkowski 

"Reaching To Heaven" by James Van Praagh

"Healing Grief" by James Van Praagh

"Heaven and Earth" by James Van Praagh

"Looking Beyond (for kids)" by James Van Praagh

"They Don't See What I See" by Ruth Berger

"Healing With The Angels" by Doreen Virtue                                  

"Chakra Cleansing" by Doreen Virtue                                   

"Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein

"Many lives-Many Masters" by Dr Brian Weiss

"Message from the Masters" by Dr Brian Weiss

"Only Love is Read (The story of soulmates reunited)" by Dr Brian Weiss

"Living In The Light" by Shakti Gawain

"Angel 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels" by Doreen Virtue

"Earth Angels" by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

"Angel Numbers" by Doreen virtue and Lynnette Brown.

"The Psychic Pathway: A work book for reawakening your soul" by Sonia Choquette.

"The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children" by Doreen Virtue  ISBN 1-56170-846-1

"The Crystal Children" by Doreen Virtue  ISBN I-4019-0229-4

"Anger and the Indigo Child " by Dianne Lancster  ISBN 0-9728904-3-2

"How To Raise an Indigo Child:10 Keys for Cultivating a Child's Natural Brillance" by Barbara Cordron

"Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow Children" by Doreen Virtue

"Beyond the Indigo Children :The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World" by P.M.H. Atwater

"The Indigo Children : The New Kids Have Arrived" by Lee Carroll ISBN 1-56170-608-6

"Crystal Therapy:How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy" by Doreen Virtue,Ph.D.,and Judith Lukomski ISBN 13:978-1-4019-0467-X

"Karma-Releasing" by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

"Lightworkers Way" by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.




If you have any books which you would like to add  to the list, let us know and we will add them.

The ISBN number will help you request these books as inner library loan at your local Library.


The Management Team of Talking To Heaven

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