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Let me fill you in by saying a number of years ago there was a room online, I don't remember the name, but it was for people to write about their feelings concerning their lives, feelings etc. I went into that room and would read their posts and one caught my eye. A younger gentleman. In his writing he didn't come right out and say the words but I read between the lines and knew he was planning on suicide. I wrote to him and we chatted. We became online friends....he lived in a different country. After a few times of chatting back and forth he said to me, "you knew what I was planning didn't you"? I told him I had an idea. He thanked me for saving his life. He now calls me his "online mom". We chat at least 3 or 4 times a week. Last week I awoke feeling horrible, dragging, very down, sad, even weepy at times. It was a chore to shower and dress. I didn't want to do a thing...and I didn't. I spoke to him that evening and he told me he had an awful day. He was very depressed. He almost left work because he thought he may cry. Is it possible I felt his pain?

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I am no expert and I'm just learning about these sort of things more deeply, but I believe that you can!! :D It is very possible. And that makes you (in my eyes) a VERY gifted person!!

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I know this is an old post but I still wanted to reply. I am also able to pick up on feelings and emotions; this has happened on several occasions but I will post one here because it is very similar to your experience. I was driving home one day with my oldest and only child at the time. All of a sudden I felt a strong urge to just speed up and ram my car into a tree the idea was to hurt myself and not anyone. I thought this the strangest thought because it was not mine, I had been in a very happy mood the entire day. I focused and my sister came to mind. I called her and asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine. I told her I was glad she was ok and then I told her about my little episode; that's when she started sobbing and admitted that she was very depressed and thinking of hurting herself. Immediately I went to her until her husband came home and I knew she would be ok.

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I know this is such an old post but I wanted to tell you that when you feel other people's pain, it means you are an EMPATH. There are tons of websites describing the traits of an empath and often time being an empath is a high cause for suicide in people.  The taking on of other people's pain and then not knowing how to get rid of it can be a very difficult thing to experience. I am an empath as well but I have learned that by talking about my feelings I am able to channel it THROUGH instead of it getting stuck inside of me. 

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