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Has anyone had an experience with a Twin Flame, or more specifically, getting over one?  That is how I found TTH ... trying to find a reason besides insanity that I felt this strong attachment to a virtual stranger.  I had never heard of such before, and all of a sudden, not only did I feel this strong connection, but started having new/stronger psychic and telepathic abilities.  I have only seen this man three brief times, meeting under not the best of circumstances, and it has been over a year since I last saw or communicated with him (physically).  I shared my story with one person on the old board, and she recognized him as a Twin Flame, and indeed, the signs are there.  I have read everything on-line I could find about Twin Flames, as well as Steve Gunn's book on the subject.  Some days I have hope and other days I feel as though my best friend has died.  Every time I manage to get him out of my mind, some "sign" or "coincidence" occurs to remind me of him.

My life is really good and I feel silly for these feelings.  I wasn't looking for a relationship, and if it wasn't for him, would be fine.  Even though I understand Twin Flame relationships, I still feel crazy at times.  There aren't many people I can talk to about it.  Most people think I should just get out, meet people and date.  I don't want to date, and people don't understand that.  They don't understand that I am complete in my life, yet have this strong draw at the same time.  I am fortunate that my Mom understands to the extent that someone who has never experienced it can, so at least I have her support.  But I still feel so lost.  Any help?


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Hi Gabrielle

Do you know how to get in contact with this man?  If so call him and go out (if he is not married that is)

A lot of itmes we don't connect with our Twin Flames or Soul Mates in this life time or another one cause we are not ready to get with them.  Timing is everything in our lifes plan.

I understand what you are saying for I marred my Twin Flame and once you meet up with your twin flame and are together both of your lives are complete.



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Yep, married.  Otherwise I could contact him in a heartbeat.  The thing is, I was married, too, when we first met and only separated the last time.  I knew in my heart there was something different about him, but at the time I didn't explore it since I was married.  I only found out after my divorce that he was married (phone book listing) ... neither of us wore rings and there was not much opportunity for conversation.  I know he felt something, too, because he is the one who first noticed (studied) me, and though always very appropriate about it, let me know multiple times each time we met.

One of the most interesting confirmations for me (there have been many) is a dream I had several years before meeting him (I had a couple regarding our eventual meeting, though I did not recognize the fact until some time after meeting).  It was a very realistic dream of an animal looking around the living room corner at me in the kitchen.  Though it was a typically predatory animal, to me it seemed more curious.  I tried to analyze the dream at the time, but it didn't make sense.  I thought maybe it was a warning about my now ex-husband, but that didn't seem right.  I wrote it down and forgot about it.  This summer I remembered the dream and the interpretation clicked.

How I met my Twin Flame ...  My Mom unexpectedly started having serious heart issues about 2 1/2 years ago.  When the ambulances arrived, there were more paramedics than were needed.  One was calmly studying pictures on the wall when he looked over my way and asked my son, who was standing in front of me in the kitchen, if the pictures were of him.  Where was the paramedic standing?  By the corner the animal in my dream had been.  What was his name?  When he was called back out a week later, I saw it was the same as the animal in my dream!

The last time I saw him was at the fire station's open house last year.  I saw him when I first got there, but thought I was silly to even think he would remember me after over a year, so was just going to avoid him.  My divorce wasn't final, so even if he did remember me, I thought it best to keep a distance.  My son was up in an ambulance when out of the blue, the paramedic gently brushed against my back and told me I looked nice and had recovered well (The first time Mom went to the hospital, I rode in the ambulance ... another oddity for me since I get motion sick if I don't drive).  It so took me by surprise that before I thought of politely saying, "Thank you," I joked, "I always do."  He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared.  I saw him off and on over the next few hours, and would occasionally look around and see him watching me.  There was some joking from a distance, but true to my Cancer personality, I don't make the first move ... and besides, I was still married (sometimes I wonder why I have to be such a good girl LOL).  He would disappear for periods of time, but I could still FEEL him and would look around to see where he was (I still feel him, and sometimes look to see if maybe he is coming).  My biggest regret was that I couldn't find an excuse to go and tell him "good-bye" before we left.

I tell myself that a lot can change in a year.  A year ago I was married.  Maybe his marriage is no better than mine was.  Maybe some day we will be together.  It hurts so bad to know how close he is, yet think I may never see or speak to him again.  You are so lucky to be with your Twin Flame.  How does just knowing of a Twin Flame existence accomplish anything?  Why meet if you are not meant to be together in some way?

I wrote this poem for him ... Maybe some day he can read it:

You saw me first ... what did you see?
What was it that drew you to me?
Was it a recollection from long ago?
Was it from a dream?  Did you see my soul?

It took awhile for me to see
What my heart knew immediately.
You brushed against me, gentle as a butterfly
And something changed that I cannot deny.

Have you seen reminders of me?
Things that tell you we are meant to be?
Do you feel my presence both day and night?
Does something tell you it has to be right?

Do you feel loneliness and pain?
Do you long inside to meet again?
Do you think about me and feel connected?
Or have you moved on, all feelings rejected?

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Wow just reading about the Ambulence ride gave me chills and deeps sence of connection longing  and a knife like hurt being separtated....


My heart just aches and i not sure if its for you or because this make me long for mine... Or both


I really dont know how one would get over you twin flame.



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Rozzanna, have you met your Twin?  I just finished a really good book called “Twin Souls:  A Guide to Fining Your True Spiritual Partner.”

I’ve replayed the meetings in my mind so many times.  If you are familiar with astrology, you know about Cancer being guarded and the ties with the Mother.  I am every bit the Cancer Crab, and not knowing whether my Mom would live or die, and already being nauseated from the air ride seat, I was quite content to sit in my shell and sulk.  When he got in (he was the driver), he asked if I was OK ... most people wonder or ask what I am looking at since I look as though I am staring at something when I am deep in thought.  He joked a little and then asked if it was my son (in the house).  I immediately opened up to him, which is something I NEVER do.  I am usually guarded, and more so around men.

Every time I have seen him, he made a point of getting my attention with his eyes, as though he just wanted me to look at him.  The second time at the hospital, I was walking ahead of everyone to try and get the paperwork done as soon as possible.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him take his glove off with a flourish and brush it against my back to get my attention.  He looked in my eyes and softly wished me luck.  As always, it felt as though he wanted to say something else, something more, but the timing was wrong in so many ways.

Recently I just needed to make contact, to let him know I was thinking of him, and maybe even brighten his day, even if he didn’t “know” it was me.  Since it is Christmas time, I had the idea of sending him an unsigned card.  I meditated on the idea, just to be sure it would be wise, and got a very definite “yes.”  The card I sent wasn’t a Christmas card, but a handmade card (not by me), with a cluster of roses stamped on the front with the botanical name, and stamped inside was the quote, “Memory is the power to gather roses in winter.”  I simply wrote inside, “Merry Christmas and the best of New Years.”  I thought the botanical theme appropriate since he knew from the ambulance ride that I work (then as a volunteer) at a bot garden.  My name and photo have been in the paper a couple of times in the last few months regarding it, too, and it seems that everyone I know even in passing has seen it.

The day after mailing the card I had to work.  My son had called and I was getting ready to return his phone call.  My mind was on my cell phone battery being low and wishing I had charged it.  Out of the blue, I got an overwhelmingly excited feeling, like I had just gotten something I had been waiting for, and a strong presence of him.  I made sure to note the time (3:25), just in case.


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I just noticed my quotation marks and apostrophes turned out as question marks for some reason.

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wow.  No i havent met him least i dont think so.... I know i have meet a few  soal mates. I know my dad was one.  I know that people hope there parents are but he was. 


This may sound crasy but i remember from before, that i wanted to be born his daughter it was one of my clauses to comming back...and i remember not knowing mom before... ok i went off topic...

he died when i was 9.i still miss him so much.


i really want to find my twin flame.  I hope we didnt miss eachother.

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I have one of those...met him in the 70' didnt work out..but we tried...another rman came between us....I tried my entire life to forget him..but could not...always had this feeling about him...30 years later...we connected...and its still the same...I feel it..he feels it...its stronger than anything I have ever felt..its like we are pulled to each other.....its like hes part of me....I carry a small bit of him inside me...while we were apart....he had a reading once from a psychic in a war zone...she told him he had two very strong energies runin thru him and that he carried the woman inside and pointed at his heart ..he asked he who..and she said the quiet one..and he knw right of it was me....we stay in touch now...dont want to be completelyseprated...but we are married to other people.....but to get back to ur ? I dont think its possible  to get over them. You just have to figure out how to live without them,.,,if u figure that out let me know. Its not easy..

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Gabriele......I re read ur post...and the similarity between u and I is so erie....I also feel crazy./...some days I am fine.....after all I am married...with 6 kids...a wonderful husband....who is great to me everything I need and what right do I have to feel this way about another man..who happens to be married have kids....I will be so ecstatic with love for him...then so depressed over the circumstances...then feel so guilty over my feelings and what they would do t my hubby....I am so glad to hear someone else knows how I feel...and understands.....I long for that other man like I need to breath...Bless u girl...and I hope u can find ur happy ended.....I have to belive one day Iwill somehow end up with my flame...I have to be opimistic....or else I would be miserable....n....

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